The collected works (and occasional glimpse into personal life) of a tattoo artist. All tattoos posted are by me.

I work at:

Black Heart Tattoo
177 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94103


abbeyxlocke asked
Hey, I was just wondering if you sold any flash sheets anywhere I'm looking for the one with two skeletons that say 'when we have eachother we have everything' thanks:)

I haven’t thought about selling that particular sheet but I did just do another death in June sheet so I may sell the two together as a set!

nightclubjitters asked
Do you have any prints/flash sheets available for purchase? You're amazing!

I sure do! go to:

Thanks so much!

unboundzero asked
any plans for utah this year, salt lake city area...?

Not anytime this year. Possibly next!

wargasser asked


madame-loving asked
Just saying, you're a über talented mega babe Have a super rad day!

That’s so sweet! Thank you kindly, you have a great day yourself!

joshuaphoto asked
Being a fellow tattoo artist, I love your work. Being a photographer, I need to photograph you. :)

Well thank you!